George Jonas

Crocodiles in the Bathtub book cover Crocodiles in the Bathtub
Collins, 1987
ISBN: 0002177404


Throughout the years celebrated pundit and writer George Jonas has become well-known for his controversial attitudes on the perils and pleasures of modern society. Politics, law, international affairs, social reform or the pursuit of personal happiness: he is conversant on all the disorderly mysteries of freedom. Whether he's amusing, intriguing or simply outrageous, Jonas is always interesting. Controversial though his opinions may be, one cannot help but respect the wit and intelligence of his arguments -- and the candour with which they are presented.

In this selection of nearly sixty essays -- drawn from his work between the years 1977-1987 -- what has emerged is a remarkably perceptive and consistent view of life and politics by one of Canada's most extraordinary journalistic talents.


"Jonas is a good writer, a clever and witty European whose mastery of English is not only flawless but elegant and daring."

– Bronwyn Drainie, The Globe & Mail